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Best Heart Rate Monitors

It is such an amazing thing, how a little organ, the heart works; pumping blood and purifying it at the same time. The heart pulse or the heart beat rate is considered one of the major factors in measuring one’s health. The physical workouts keep the heart rate going and thus maintaining a good health in-turn.

In the modern, mechanized world, it is very important of everyone to keep track of their health and the advanced technological gadgets today available in the market have made the task much easier. Heart rate monitors are one such technology advancements that help us in monitoring health, and improve health conditions, performance of athletes. Doctors recommend that a workout at 60 to 80 percent of utmost heart rate is good for better health conditions and performance and this is possible with the help of best heart rate monitors.

The best heart rate monitors are those that not merely keep an eye on the heart rate but also will trail other factors such as pace, expanse covered and position. The metrics must also include alternatives to enter age, height, gender and weight, considering which the heart rate results are displayed. Also, a heart rate monitor is considered the best when it is considered to have a good battery life, keep track of previous data and is durable for a long time.

The heart rate monitors today available are evolving into fitness trackers, running watches and many other things. These new wearable technological gadgets use optical sensors to detect the blood pressure and are a great way to avoid the chest strap monitors. But for beginners and amateurs, who think of accuracy to measure their performance and improve more, the chest strap monitors are best for the likely future.

With so many heart rate monitors available in the market, being said as the best sellers, you’d be only confused of the brands and other details. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you the collection of best heart rate monitors available today considering many of the factors that will help you going on.

best heart rate monitors

1. Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin has been known for the best fitness trackers watches and the Garmin Forerunner watch proves the same. It helps you keep track of your workout, performance, heart rate with a simple strap on Garmin watch that is enabled with advanced technology like GPS enabled, connectivity to smartphones via Garmin Connect. The heart rate monitor has features like heart rate monitoring, calorie count, power saving mode, long lasting battery life, keep track of your laps, workout routines and much more.

2. Omron HR-100CN Heart Rate Monitor

Omron is a brand that is well renowned in the world of fitness world and the OMRON heart rate monitor watch is one of the best tracker watch. The watch features amazing functions such as heart rate monitoring, heart rate safe zones with an clear audible alarms, accurate heart rate, easy to use, and much more. The watch maintains proper heart rate all the times and is comfortable to wear with ventilated watch band.

3. Mio Alpha

A well-rounded heart rate monitor that is wearable 24/7 and that doesn’t require any chest strap, Mio Alpha HR monitor is the best way to get the info. The performance-oriented watch with continuous and accurate heart rate monitoring, will make it a great addition to your exercise routines like running, cycling, or other workout routine. It also has a great battery life.

4. Garmin Forerunner

For a hardcore fitness tracker, athletes this watch is sure to prove its mettle with high functionality. The Garmin 235 watch has amazing features such as full GPS tracking tech, water resistant construct and much more. The Forerunner also keep tracks of your resting heart rate and count the number of steps 24/7 and is a great companion perfect for the fitness freaks.

5. Omron HR – 210

If you want a budget-friendly yet functional watch that goes easy on your pocket, then OMRON HR – 210 is the watch to ask for. This watch has wonderful features such as zone alerts, a battery life indicator, and accurate calorie readings and is also a water-resistant, all in such a modest pricing. It is a strap free monitor along with additional settings like alarm and calendar and what more could you ask for?

6. Pyle Sports PHRM38PN Heart Rate Monitor Watch

This watch is everything you need in a small compact size apart from keep tracking of your just heart rate. It is a chest strap heart rate monitor worth its value and includes features like stopwatch, an alarm function, and an LED backlight to make it use easily in the night and helps you keep going through your work routines like cardiovascular training, running, jogging, or any other routines. Also this watch is water resistant, easy to use, displays time and date, calorie count and Maximum heart rate. What else you need to fit in a compact size?

7. Smart Health Walking FIT

Simply strap it on and start your routines. With the Smart Health walking fit, you can now keep an eye on your day – to – day activities, calories burnt, distance covered, number of steps taken, dynamic pace calibration and much more. The smart watch will help you improve your physical activity levels up and the best part is that it doesn’t even need any user set up. just set the time and go!

Choose the best amongst these top trending heart rate monitor watches that suits your needs well, strap it on and start your training today in a proper way to boost your energy and health condition levels.

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