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Be this St. Patrick’s Day Cherishable with few Action Points

St. Patrick’s day, the most awaited day, which has become an international festival memorizing Irish culture with parades and feasts with special foods and a whole lot of green. On this auspicious day people get dressed in green, which is the symbol of hope and gift their loved ones wishing for their good health. St. Patrick’s Day is the welcome indication of spring, a holy day celebrated commemorating the death of St. Patrick. Let the Shamrock shower good luck on you on this most enjoyable day.
be this st patrick s day cherishable with few action points
Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking are lifted for the day and people enjoy their feast without any restrictions. With such large meals and unlimited drink, it’s not good for health and more importantly for those who are on a strict diet plan. The important tips to be implemented for safe, healthy and undisturbed diet and fitness plans, on this day are:
  • As the parade lasts for a  very long duration where you walk and indulge in many activities throughout the parade, make sure of having a fitness gadget like ORB or New Balance heart rate monitor to track your activity.
  • Don’t skip breakfast or lunch because of the feast as this would make you overeat, resulting in increased calorie consumption.
  • Socialize during the feast as you would be much interested in chatting and enjoying with loved ones resulting in less involvement in eating.
  • Don’t retire immediately after the dinner, do some exercises or go for a walk. Better suggestion would be to track the calories burnt against the calories consumed (with a pedometer).
  • Limit yourself from drinking too much
  • Offering gifts to your loved ones wishing for their good health is a habit and instead of giving them fade chocolate boxes or flowers, offer them a weight scale or a heart rate monitor or an activity tracker or fitness monitor, which are long lasting and shows how much you care for them.

Occasions come and go, but memories are everlasting. Make this Patrick’s day more memorable to your well-wishers and loved ones with healthy and useful gifts that make them more active for the next time. Have a happy and memorable St.Patrick's Day.

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